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Comments (603)

  • fringis


    4 months ago

    I saw a few people who did the math, but as a summery years later...
    Jack dies on the 30th press adding 0.01 to the pot. On the 30th press Joel's total earnings are $2,000,000.09 with a body count of 85,690,080. It's likely his total earnings after 5 hours would not reach 3 million.

    • DAE97

      DAE97 President of the Moon

      1 month ago

      no matter how many times he presses the button he will never reach 2 million, assuming they dont round, if they do he would reach 2 million after i think 27 button hits and then never reach $2,000,000.01

  • Lyokoisgreat


    1 year ago

    I guess they did not think of this to fund Lazer Team

  • Obi211


    2 years ago

    Whoops...make that 28 presses sorry x_x

  • Obi211


    2 years ago

    In case nobody solved it yet, Joel would eventually get close to $2 million dollars after 26 presses (~.01 cents at press #26) after that, he's just killing people for far less than a penny :P

  • 7randomguy7


    2 years ago

    Well this explains why a bunch of people just dropped dead a few years ago..

  • Preditor117


    2 years ago

    That's the guy who voiced the Chairman in Season 6 of RvB, isn't it? I recognize his voice.

  • Mrjmes13


    2 years ago

    Saw the Button in person at RTX, and seriously had to keep myself from pushing it while screaming High Button

  • robertman2


    2 years ago

    Who was on the floor at the end? I could see Griffon, Brandon, Matt, and Gus, but who was everyone else?

  • salspals


    2 years ago

    I showed this to my parents and they thought it was hilarious. Glad to have something in common with them :)

  • patm1995


    2 years ago

    Shoutout to Gus Mickey Mouse Hat