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Comments (127)

  • APhan0924

    3 years ago

    According to wikipedia, they hope to produce a live-action movie... This is it.

  • DashingDuke

    3 years ago

    Haha oh my god. I fucking love you guys. <3

  • spoontoobig

    3 years ago

    What kind of mics are you guys using? They sound like they would be great for podcasting.

  • knutezooty

    4 years ago

    I would have gotten a ticket for this! Why would they not produce this?


    4 years ago

    no i have never really wondered what is behind 2 little fleas... nor do i care

  • gusman21

    4 years ago

    i know what you mean brandon

  • QuimeraPT

    4 years ago

    Chris I read the small text at the bottom on the end

  • Ccreaper15

    4 years ago

    Dude the rule is if her boyfriend is right there kiss her then think about it lol

  • undearius

    4 years ago

    Chris and Marshall don't know how to use the microphones. -.-
    They're talking into the top, when it should be into the side, like Brandon

  • lingpanda24

    4 years ago

    I would've had Becca do a sister line beforehand to ease the tension of the epic kiss moment.

  • Zenlida

    4 years ago

    Classic RT ending
    "Now fuck off :D"

  • Steelers1125

    4 years ago

    Just grab her boobs

  • redarmo25

    4 years ago

    I'm with Marshall on that one. I wouldn't have the guts to kiss someone as awesome as Becca, especially not in front of her boyfriend...

  • MixedWolves

    4 years ago

    Sorry Griffin but beccas hotter T_T

  • Chillspartan

    4 years ago

    you guys should make a movie

  • Dallask92

    4 years ago

    you know the fist time i saw that ending scean with marshall saying "you won't like me when im angry...." i thought it was matt....

  • paulmeas

    5 years ago

    one word : awesomecoolness

  • Genek818

    5 years ago

    Look, if you want parkour in your videos, you fly me from Beijing to Austin :D

  • JamesThomas

    5 years ago

    This was straight awesome sauce with a side of kick ass flap jacks, hopefully we'll see way ore of videos like this featuring the "BullPen" *Snickers* in the future.

  • DomEReapeR

    5 years ago

    See, this is why i signed up for roosterteeth, awesome bloopers!

  • Cartheif445

    5 years ago

    I would buy the special edition two disc box set of this movie after watching it In The theaters thirty times in a week.

  • nanaki2211

    5 years ago

    Definitely should have gone for the boob grab. Be totally worth the savage beating afterwards

  • rwethereyet

    5 years ago

    Man she is hot! I'm a chick and I would have totally gone for it!

  • XPvtCabooseX

    5 years ago

    Chris: That's pretty much it. Thanks for watching. Now, fuck off!

    Wow! Really Chris? "Fuck off"? I bet that's how they say goodbye in your language!

    Nah!! Just kidding man!! That was hilarious!! I just might start saying that to people now everytime I say goodbye to them. LOL!!! XD

  • MrReklov

    5 years ago

    In reply to Reckless1506, #101:

    Yes. *cough*

  • Nyehify

    5 years ago

    I READ the tiny text Chris~ just sayin'

  • Reckless1506

    5 years ago

    Are they really gonna make this?

  • BigCatHuse

    5 years ago

    That Portal Sticker For His Mac Is Pretty Awesome!

  • Spartan_W43

    5 years ago

    In reply to GreenZealot, #98:

    I could hear them clearly, and my speakers are rubbish.

  • D-avila

    5 years ago

    Speak louder into the mics next time, I had the volume turned up really high.

  • blobber109

    5 years ago

    Haha... Great kissing advice there!!!

  • Flynwar

    5 years ago

    suck a dick chris... lol

  • Mikeyoo

    5 years ago

    hahaha best fucking ending

  • FF_Rabbi

    5 years ago

    Love this stuff guys!!! Fun to see how this came about, and makes me want to shoot my own stuff. (stuff being shorts, not my load)

  • EthnicFalcon

    5 years ago

    I really like the portal logo on that mac book.. tis amazing

  • UnDuck

    5 years ago

    Wow, Burnie acts just like my boss......Fuck my life.

  • Hawkclaw

    5 years ago

    Very cool! This is exactly what I love to see! Extra behind the scenes stuff with commentary is the best kind of sponsor-only content.

  • bentheechidna Looking for Group

    5 years ago

    "Just grab her boob while you kiss her!"

  • Digikid

    5 years ago

    Guys I have looked for a couple hours now. Where can I get a copy of that awesome skin/sticker that you have on the Macbook Pro?

  • AceVolkner

    5 years ago

    Last frame; "Music by Rebecca Black"

    Oh you!

  • kandy619

    5 years ago


  • SamuelCish

    5 years ago

    portal laptop win

  • mistageko 1st Year RTX Guardian!

    5 years ago

    It's just so cute how Marshal blushes when they talk about that kiss scene. xD

  • StRobinsonn

    5 years ago

    "thanks for watching. fuck off." I see Chris has been spending some time with Gus and Geoff

  • farisr

    5 years ago

    Man I don't know how Marshall did not kiss her. I mean I'm a shy guy, but seeing Beca do the approach to kiss so many times made me want to kiss her. I don't know what I would've done if she was actually doing that with me, sure know I wouldn't have chickened out though.

  • supergoat

    5 years ago

    Who the fuck are the bullpen? Where's Jack? We need Jack! Burnie can come too.

  • Parker0817

    5 years ago

    grab her boob? really? thats cruel to Beca's boyfriend, but histeracle either way (sory, i camt spel)

  • Myshu chupariffic

    5 years ago

    Eating sandwiches is definitely the best job. Also, love that laptop decal.
    (And I gotta love Chris. He's a great goof for things like this.)

  • Ma1arkey

    5 years ago

    Hahaha Marshall blushing when they talk about the kiss scene.

  • PANIC98

    5 years ago

    But where the birds angry? *raises one eyebrow slowly*