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Comments (545)

  • TRaccoon


    1 year ago

    Gus was right about one thing, the touch screen is right next to the nipple

  • GenM

    GenM SodaPop

    1 year ago

    Well with all the stuff he's getting. 3 consoles. A gamecube remote, a zune, and a gun. 1200 is a reasonable price.... For something new

  • WoWHead675


    2 years ago

    Well he got the controller right!

  • Jake487

    Jake487 EdibleAuto

    2 years ago

    $200 for 3 consoles? That's actually not bad...

  • Candel

    Candel Candel-Man

    2 years ago

    Joel's office was moved to Nathan's?

  • SporkVoltage


    2 years ago

    And it still sounds better than the Xbox One.

  • sketchbad


    2 years ago

    "win the game!'

  • boringcomedi


    2 years ago

    Right next to the nipple

  • Hunter04


    2 years ago

    I'd buy the shit out of that if Gus didn't have the only one.

  • TABO95


    2 years ago

    Awesome moment when Gus predicts the ps4 controller