• Megaman X Fanimation by Shane Newville

    RT Shorts: Megaman X Fanimation by Shane Newville

    Original Soundtrack on iTunes http://bit.ly/UoAJfi & Google Play: http://bit.ly/VwBwu6 & Amazon MP3: http://amzn.to/YVx88L

    In honor of the 25th anniversary of Mega Man, Shane Newville animates a day in the life of Megaman X.

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Comments (200)

  • tucahaya


    1 year ago

    I didn't see this when it came out. From what I've seen this is the coolest portrayal of Megeman ever.

    This is such an awesome thing to see. It seems a lot like Sonic. But unlike sonic it's bad ass. And we all want Sonic to be bad ass and in some ways he is. But ultimately he is a blue hedgehog. And megaman is a martial artist, weapons expert in a mech suit. Is there anything more at it's core bad ass.

  • Tanner_A


    1 year ago

    Does anyone else think that this is better than Haloid?

  • Lukey


    1 year ago

    this video actually got me into megaman. I'd never played the games before watching this, and having played most of X now I totally get the inspiration. love coming back to watch this again and again, its always so fun, even peeling through it frame by frame haha. such amazing work, shane smiley13.gif

  • kawasaki3070


    1 year ago

    That was awesome! Liked that 'thanks' section too haha

  • JohnnyHaze


    1 year ago


  • Noah-Huppert


    1 year ago


  • JoshAbner13


    1 year ago

    can't wait to see the achievement guides for this

  • xseth1


    1 year ago

    I don't know much about Megaman, but that animation was pretty damn cool.

  • TrevanBeam


    1 year ago

    That was awesome! Please make another one.

  • MizzleHizzle


    2 years ago

    Make another please please please ^_^