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Comments (645)

  • Sapphiet


    10 months ago

    Lol that is an awesome trailer!

  • roymcbeth


    1 year ago

    Daniel Day Lewis is such an amazing actor. I couldn't tell the difference between actual Barbara and Daniel's Barbara. Or Daniel's Michael. I'm pretty sure he played the iPhone in a few scenes too. (Can anyone confirm that?). Of course it was cool to see his reprisal of "Bill the Butcher" in the 'knife app' scene.

  • squidgeart

    squidgeart FreshMilk

    1 year ago

    So funny. The satire is perfect.

  • Chilli10

    Chilli10 Nat

    1 year ago

    This is still my favourite of all the RT Shorts! Its just so bloody brilliant!!!!! When's the obligatory (yet deserved) sequel coming out?

  • kiraraneko


    1 year ago

    Siri(al killer)

  • adorbledoor


    1 year ago

    RT I beg you with my life, make the Siri and Angry Birds movies (expecting at least a 90 minutes each) and a sequel to The Atari Kid

  • Skaman789


    1 year ago

    So skynet took over sirir. Or siri became self aware

  • kingluke663


    1 year ago

    So I never figured this out.....was barbara completely nude or did the have something to cover up so everyone at rooster teeth didn't see her tits?

  • JoshAbner13


    1 year ago

    Barbara deserves a better death than being killed by an AI who's jealous of any relationship she has.

  • architect343


    2 years ago

    I want it. I want it now.