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Comments (40)

  • LandMoose

    6 months ago

    What went wrong? The original crew stopped making them and the Bro Alpha Chi frat took over.

  • gttomb

    2 years ago

    can no longer get from iTunes UK

  • BlayneSmith

    2 years ago


  • TheEchoWolf

    2 years ago


  • IanMahuta

    2 years ago

    So, why are the articles in Latin?

  • Joeadick01

    2 years ago

    Da Best!

  • foxyknoxy

    2 years ago


  • SabreGames69

    2 years ago

    Burnie with 4 eyebrows makes me laugh more than it should.

  • Bigflank

    2 years ago


  • NatasaSpenc5

    2 years ago

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  • Philmnator

    2 years ago

    rise and fall of RT? hopefully that doesn't mean (non-jokingly) the RT shorts specifically :c still looking forward to seeing more of them

  • ChobiSantiag

    2 years ago

    FALL?? Who said your falling?

  • kage131

    2 years ago

    Rise and FALL? ???

  • annabelle321

    2 years ago

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  • GreyGhost9036 Angry Beaver

    2 years ago

    RT shorts lol. More like RT life. We all know Gus loves showing off that bod


    2 years ago

    i came here for a collection of photos of the RT staff wearing shorts, but this is good too

  • euanp98

    2 years ago

    aw I tried buying it at RTX but couldnt find it :( but i still bought best of RTAA :D

  • rkdq94

    2 years ago

    "Rooster Teeth Productions: The Rise and Fall of an Internet Icon." Michael did an awesome voice over job, I hope that they base an actual short off of this intro!

  • DukeofKent

    2 years ago

    Anyone else notice that the newspaper articles are in latin?

  • lukega

    2 years ago

    Is there a way to get this not from iTunes for people outside the US?

  • Frosty635

    2 years ago

    I think Jack or Ryan should've done the narration, both could've given it that movie trailer vibe.

  • MannyC13

    2 years ago

    Ok the abrupt end to narration was terrible! Don't end on an unfinished joke like that!

  • Beastlygrrrl

    2 years ago

    .....everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

  • NedBukarica

    2 years ago

    Man, they were right about the site going down

  • SuperNazo

    2 years ago

    which video was the one with gavin tied up

  • MikeJenkins Tonechaser

    2 years ago

    Dude... FUCK YES!!

  • Darcy100

    2 years ago

    i can hear breathing at the end O_o

  • HAKURU_15 Triple G

    2 years ago

    Michael is kinda funny in this one haha

  • SupaWiziK

    2 years ago

    Had to throw in Barbra in the shower, shout out to the sex appeal tho....(Of course I mean Burnie with the four eye brows)

  • JesterAM

    2 years ago

    Best of? But they are all the best!


    2 years ago

    Gus is wearing a shirt I made him on the back cover of the animated adventures dvd!

  • gergion

    2 years ago

    shut up and take my money!!

  • Gameoffuture BTW Max

    2 years ago

    michael voice over...nothing could get any better lol

  • bradta

    2 years ago

    michael was perfect for this voice over

  • B51

    2 years ago

    Buy ALL the things!

    No but really, you guys are putting out TONS of stuff there's no way I can keep up with ALL of it @_@

  • r0n0c

    2 years ago

    and time to say goodbye to the cash I had left over from RTX

  • RomanHeretic Needs a patch

    2 years ago

    .....Are you guys absolutely sure that they are disperesed and not getting some bevs?

  • thegovna RTX Guardian

    2 years ago

    watched this on the plane ride home from RTX and was cracking up the entire time. Got some weird looks from the people next to me, especially during the Frag Doll Gus skit

  • jmorozov

    2 years ago


  • WhiskyOmega

    2 years ago

    It's always great to see Joel in his boxers. smiley0.gif