• Joel and Matt go to the Opera

    RT Shorts: Joel and Matt go to the Opera

    When Matt and Joel get dragged on a double date to the opera, they bolt and go on an adventure of their own.

    More manly videos here: http://bit.ly/158czhO

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    Thank you to: Austin's Park iFLY Austin

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Comments (384)

  • BinHong

    BinHong Legit Purpose

    2 weeks ago

    I think I need another drink

  • Sangjester

    Sangjester InSeRtBrAiN

    4 months ago

    words jsut can't express the epic nature of this.

  • Jack086


    5 months ago

    was that adam?

  • The_Lesser_Known_5th_Horseman

    The_Lesser_Known_5th_Horseman Gentleman

    8 months ago

    Bromance at its finest.

  • GoofOff


    1 year ago

    The first time watching this, I noticed the subtle product placement, but I never connected its a commercial about if they can pack this much flavor into only 10 calories, you can pack so much awesome into only 10 minutes, but how come I never see this amazing commercial on TV? xD



    1 year ago

    Beating the crap out of my friend in the bar of a basement is the way to go. :)

  • EthanPerrita


    1 year ago

    that bear was obviously fake

  • Raybans


    1 year ago

    Probably one of my favorite RT shorts

  • niall

    niall Bleep Bloop

    1 year ago

    It still gets me every time I watch it!

  • JoshAbner13


    1 year ago