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Comments (489)

  • badcarma


    1 month ago

    Iove how the sound effect for the prius driving is so accurate the jetsons car sound effect sounds like a prius gassing xD

  • kira862

    kira862 Randomness

    4 months ago

    So many good references in this short. Ah the memories...

  • The0neR1ng


    5 months ago

    Look at all the hair on Geoffs face!

  • RaZeR_Moose

    RaZeR_Moose RaZeR Moose

    10 months ago

    i think this was pre rwby and look at the posters on guses wall

  • Dancebunny17


    10 months ago

    I like how it's almost like red vs blue, Joel (caboose) follows Bernie (church) around being not very smart with what he says, Geoff (grif) and Gus (Simmons) fight a lot but eventually decide fighting the blues is a bigger problem and Matt (doc) try's to stop the fighting

  • Emty


    11 months ago

    How the hell did none of us notice the fact Gus had a beard comprised entirely of black eye goop juice?

  • Aqua113


    1 year ago

    Motto of Rooster Teeth and Red vs Blue: If we're going to hate each other, we'll hate each other as a family, because nobody can hate each other more than us.

  • Buttkicker98


    1 year ago

    They have the post-it notes from "Mixed Messages", Matt getting run over like in the "Catch" short, the plates from the "DMV" short, Joel and Burnie cops from "A pirates life" and "Prank King", and the song from "Unusual Suspects". The best of the best, all rolled into one awesome package.

  • Killdai


    1 year ago

    am i the only one who noticed the plates on the car is "MATT'S DRUG CAR"

  • MysteriousT


    1 year ago

    "No, it's not ironic, you're just an asshole!"
    - Matt Hullum
    That's going on my gravestone.