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Comments (1273)

  • mcCaboose13

    1 day ago

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Rooster Teeth. We specialize in this type of humor and are damn good at it.

  • Darthkoopa

    2 weeks ago

    this was so funny

  • TheGreenNico

    1 month ago

    I'm quite sure Gavin said on multiple occasions htat he would never kiss a dude in slow mo...

  • GTAGifs

    8 months ago

    Gavin did say he would do anything for entertainment purposes.

  • Jaworth

    9 months ago

    How does Meg feel about this?

  • 1N54M1TY

    10 months ago

    So tormenting! I have a crush on Gavin and when she said her name was Samantha then startesd pashing him i was like... THATS MY NAME!!?? WHY WASNT THAT MY LIPS!?

  • ArsonalTech

    11 months ago

    *oh yes...* *a slightly lessened "oh yes"* *gagging and then silence* *lol :D good vid*

  • Artwaltz

    1 year ago

    WTF!!! I wasn't expecting that. "Nope nope nope" *flies away*

  • badcarma

    1 year ago

    ...And now I've seen it all. smiley8.gif

  • keythecoward

    1 year ago

    During the whole slow mo love thing I was like " no, Gavin No"

  • Cole2999

    1 year ago

    We need this with Michael. Now.

  • rabbiteen88

    1 year ago

    *in my CinemaSins voice* Chris is a dick to unsigned forms.

  • Meta6

    1 year ago

    called it

  • KrisJenereau

    1 year ago

    Gavin goes through this like a boss

  • thebaptis22

    1 year ago

    What the fuck Gavin?? I did not expect that. I have no words

  • ShadowStryk2

    1 year ago

    That went precisely how I hoped it would.

  • ChrisMartin4

    1 year ago

    Well i for got about that one kinda feel weird now

  • A_Washington

    1 year ago

    i just threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Raj_Karan Mr Wiggles

    1 year ago

    one of the best shorts out there

  • cblankin15

    1 year ago

    I will never think of Gavin the same again...

  • fitemeirlm8

    1 year ago


  • zoeyrbird

    1 year ago

    All thoughts of Gavin will forever be tainted by him kissing Tom..... damn it looks like Gavin's a really good kisser ;)

  • cattoo444

    1 year ago

    Took quite a lot of research (had to pull out shazam and everything) the the song is "soundtrack 22" from the puritan film soundtrack

  • Vhoxz

    1 year ago

    watching gavin watch this is priceless!

  • Buttkicker98

    1 year ago

    Gavin is like James Franco in "This is the end", nothing is too far for him.

  • BrendanThom2

    1 year ago

    Gavin...more like Gayvin. XD just kidding guys.

  • fallout1518

    1 year ago

    I have a really awkward boner right now.

  • Mindfukerr

    1 year ago

    the fuck

  • rabidough

    1 year ago


  • alistarmccoy

    1 year ago

    this was just so strange i almost couldnt finish watching it omfg

  • xseth1

    1 year ago

    It's always funny when they remind Gavin about this short on the podcast.

  • tucker256

    1 year ago

    gavin Is gay

  • TheGonda

    1 year ago

    well, fuck yeeah, hahahahhaahhha.

  • Wardancer

    1 year ago

    I need that romantic song for my ringtone then maybe random make out sessions will just spring up around me.

  • AsherPhoenix

    1 year ago

    okay wait is that 3rd guys name actually tom? the one with the hard hat?

  • Mobius022

    1 year ago

    Did anyone record the Extra Life live stream? I need to see the part when Gavin forces himself to watch this video For the Kids. I actually donated a second time because I wanted to see it.

  • AsherPhoenix

    1 year ago

    yep.... those 2 are champs alright... I would never have agreed to that... lol seriously how did you come up with this idea?

    gavin: hey you wana make a video where we kiss?
    Samantha: HA only if you kiss tom.
    gavin: done!
    Samantha: really?
    Tom: someone say my name?
    Gavin: you have just been volunteered for a video :P

  • Minders

    1 year ago

    Gavin and Tom are champs for this.

  • Adamleopold

    1 year ago

    ...what...the....fuck did I just watch?

  • Megan97

    1 year ago

    Well that was a thing

  • Skidous

    1 year ago


  • JohnnyHaze

    1 year ago

    hawt. haha

  • NickMcCarter

    1 year ago

    is there a video or podcast that they bring this up?
    id love to watch it??

  • nolin777

    1 year ago

    im happy they made him watch this haha

  • FantasyRPGs

    1 year ago

    Go Gavin!

  • mikapony

    1 year ago

    Song: Soundtrack 22 - The Budapest Film Orchestra

  • teamlads23

    1 year ago

    This is probably one of my favorite shorts, ever.
    Also, where is this song from? or, what is it called? I really want to know.

  • LaPorting4Duty

    2 years ago

    Some dude commented saying he hopes Gavin got time and a half for doing that. Fuck, I hope Matt decided to bust out the company card and give him $10,000 for that.

    Still one of the best RT shorts ever.

  • KarlEnglish

    2 years ago

    I just want to know what the song is, where I can find it, & if it can be delivered 12 hours from now. There's a possible love confession that needs to be ruined by narration & exaggerated love themes.

  • Sukiana_Rage

    2 years ago