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Comments (89)

  • proudrebel_7


    1 year ago

    That's actually very reminiscent of Titanfall, I am impressed.

  • Doctor_Swag


    1 year ago

    You should Sponsor Cut a stream of Let's Play GTA or Minecraft.

    • SarahEvans89

      SarahEvans89 Canadian Girl

      1 week ago

      Agree that would be so cool

  • bradenkarony


    1 year ago

    I think you guys should do sponsor only game night events.

  • DevilTritone


    1 year ago

    Shout out to Burt Gummer.

  • jonsmiff


    1 year ago

    Is Jack's moustache greying or was he eating powdered donuts before the stream? I would make a joke about cocaine but he is far too relaxed.

  • Cooper23x3


    1 year ago

    whoever was on the switcher was doing a great job

  • Zarorah


    1 year ago

    Ryan, the chucking-bottlecaps-at-people guy

  • AbstractClss
  • AndraeSelf


    1 year ago

    No fear no fear, Oh a lot of fear tons of fear. Love it Ray. That titan fall map looks fun.

  • ChrisMan174


    1 year ago

    They spelled Caleb's name wrong in the credits xD