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Comments (17)

  • gregstorm777

    gregstorm777 Nintendo Bby

    10 months ago

    I loved that post game screen ending. So perfect.

  • btreadwell


    1 year ago


  • jampawz


    1 year ago

    that was great

  • HopeyOlguin

    HopeyOlguin The Hopester

    1 year ago

    like the engrish winner screen, so meta, makes for a great fake ending :3

  • JohnBosste


    2 years ago

    Brilliant. Great credits scene.

  • Phan7om


    2 years ago

    I wish that this ending would have been used because the last minute was fantastic.

  • ElishaCanady


    2 years ago

    That very ending scene was the best....

  • TwistedJ007


    2 years ago

    OMG, that was too hilarious!!!

  • Sincari


    3 years ago

    Glorious victory achieved... what now? smiley6.gif

  • Agent0Grif


    3 years ago

    this isnt that bad of an ending..kind just shows how its all a game and not really anything more then that..adds a funny twist to it