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Comments (252)

  • CruelOptimism


    2 months ago

    One shot of Jack for an hour and a half every week? Thank fucking god for the Sony Handycams..

  • Wyatt_Hall


    4 months ago

    Please do something like this again!!

  • TahiWilliams

    TahiWilliams Tahi

    4 months ago

    If Geoff was here he probably wouldn't care is the best line in this video

  • Candel

    Candel Candel-Man

    9 months ago

    My favorite RT Sponsor Cut!!!

  • snyuuk


    1 year ago

    One thing I would love to see is how RVB and RWBY tracks are actually recorded. When it's a person in the booth how do they interact with someone in dialogue? Do you record one person and then play it back so that someone else can play off it? And if that's the case how does the first person have a conversation with themselves? It's something I've always wondered, and I would love to see how you all do it!

  • Nostalgic117


    1 year ago

    They should make a Sponsor Cut video of all the rigs that they use

  • TehHeatwave


    1 year ago

    It's spelled Handycam... #nomistakes

  • hmarie33


    1 year ago

    I thought Blaine and Chris looked similar, but I could never quite put my finger on why, until now.

  • supafitz


    1 year ago

    Can we have more sponsor cuts like this where you talk about the tech you use at RT.
    Im a film student so it interests the #&$( out of me.

  • Kibatwin


    1 year ago

    Blaine is my new favorite person at RT