• "Black" Trailer

    RWBY: "Black" Trailer

    Third look at Rooster Teeth's newest project RWBY helmed by Red vs. Blue Lead Animator Monty Oum. See the premiere at RTX 2013! rtxevent.com


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Comments (1028)

  • TormentSpecter

    TormentSpecter Just like have fun:)

    2 months ago

    When Blank work for the white fane and her ex-partner we will see in season 3.

  • dandix750


    6 months ago

    When will season 3 start

  • nick0010


    7 months ago

    Wait in the White trailer there was a full moon. In this one the moon is broken. What the hell happened between them!?

  • Kalathanon


    9 months ago

    Every time I watch this I keep thinking that Adam will join back up with Blake eventually, he just seems like to much of a mentor to let her go like that without a plan. Also can someone just hug poor Blake, she seems so sad when she leaves.

  • croasis


    11 months ago

    When I saw this was the "black" trailer, I really did expect her to actually be black.

  • FractalHN


    11 months ago

    Huh. Guess this all makes a lot more sense in retrospect. Especially the two sentences of text at the beginning. Adam still looks and sounds for all the world like he had a stroke, though.

  • Yugyuk


    1 year ago

    Bring him back bring him back.

  • Kryaotic


    1 year ago

    @Firestar1992 Blake probably had one but she might just take it off when she is with Adam. Maybe he understands she doesn't like it?

  • Shirudo


    1 year ago

    Alright, so in the actual series, we've seen the return of the bar from Yang's trailer. So...when's Adam returning?

  • Shirudo


    1 year ago

    @Firestar1992: Maybe it's simply because it was just before this mission that Blake decided to leave the Fang, and so silently made that declaration by hiding her ears. Possibly her last test to see if there was any good left in the organization was Adam's reaction to potentially harming the crew members of the train.