• Episode 14

    RWBY: Episode 14

    RWBY is a new animated series from Rooster Teeth, directed by Monty Oum. The story focuses on a group of four girls in their first year at a legendary academy where they will learn to fight monsters.


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Comments (1066)

  • TormentSpecter

    TormentSpecter Just like have fun:)

    2 months ago

    The boy start to become a men.

  • MrEpical


    3 months ago

    Notice how everyone except Jon has become insignificant in the past couple episodes.

  • Jaworth


    4 months ago

    @Iceflower3 Dude, chill. Yeah, it's a bit annoying, but, as stated below me, he's imitating CinemaSins. You really don't need to say such cruel stuff over something so minor. Calm down.

  • Flarvink


    6 months ago

    Man people need to realize TylerChurch2 is imitating CinemaSins who, for humor, nitpick movies. I find it funny, no need to get so uppity about a guy pointing out flaws anyway.

  • Iceflower3


    7 months ago

    You're a horrible human being, and you deserve to have terrible things happen to you. If you think RWBY is so goddamn flawed, as your snarky know-it-all comments on EVERY episode imply, then why do you continue to watch it? This is an animated series about monster-fighting, and as such it isn't subject to the same rules as, say, a LIVE-ACTION show would be. When Volume 3 of RWBY is released, I hope Monty rises from the dead to fucking kill you just to prevent your insipid commenting. Please, please, fuck off.

  • Kalathanon


    9 months ago

    5:21, that face...

  • TylerChurch2


    11 months ago

    0:42 there are very few marks on Juane, despite the fact he's been having the crap beat out of him since the last episode. Cardin is a p-ssy. also where did the rapier wasps go? 1:05 character's power saves him in a time of need cliche. 1:28 alright here's something that doesn't make sense. The bear attacks cardin because it smells the sap on him but say f-ck it to the others. but in a previous episode, the giant crow attack the human and not the giant scropion completely ignoring the fact it would make a far better meal then the tiny as f-ck humans. but the bear goes after the small amount of sap and not an entire f-cking human? if you are going to make up your own world monty, it should at least follow some rules. 1:32 cardins teamates are dicks. also cardin has more than enough time to get out of the way, but insteads just stands there like and idiot. 1:39 see i told you. 1:46 why didn't you do this earlier sh-t head? 1:57 no only the entire f-cking forest heard it. also did you hear that cliche. 2:23 oh no we are too late to stop the evil bear from beating the sh-t out of the bad guy even though he deserves it. 2:29 protecting the bad guy cliche. 2:38 no you should definitely go help him.2:57 deja vu. 3:43 how do they work? 3:53 no you should tell them what happened. also Juane had no marks on his face from getting beat up by cardin in the entire fight with the bear but they now reappear here. 4:04 Jaune calls cardin by his own name when talking to him. i'm not sure if this is a failure on the editing team or a mishappen by the acters. Either way its a sin. 4:10 don't mess with my team cliche. 4:20 and this guy is never heard from again for the rest of the season. oh and cardin too. 5:20 Phrrya turns around and smiles to herself to make Jaune fret a little even though we all know she's going too. 5:25 phrrya again hits the guy she's hitting on. also scene does not include a lap dance.

  • Kryaotic


    1 year ago

    Wait. Ruby's semblance is speed? I thought she just drank to much coffee.

    XD I crack myself up.

  • Kryaotic


    1 year ago

    Jaune stood up against Cardin for Pyrrha. Pyrrha was willing to break Cardin's legs.

  • Acesez


    1 year ago

    Jaunne is getting so much pussy he's gonna need scuba gear