• Chapter 2: The Shining Beacon

    RWBY: Chapter 2: The Shining Beacon

    RWBY is a new animated series from Rooster Teeth, directed by Monty Oum. The story focuses on a group of four girls in their first year at a legendary academy where they will learn to fight monsters.


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Comments (1584)

  • TormentSpecter

    TormentSpecter Just like have fun:)

    2 months ago

    First day of school.

  • Wintertroop


    8 months ago

    Monty shall be missed

  • Kalathanon


    9 months ago

    "It's also a gun," and thus we have a shirt folks.

  • keylan118


    10 months ago

    "It's also a customizable, high impact sniper rifle!" "A wha-?" "It's also a gun." "Oh."

  • TylerChurch2


    11 months ago

    0:01 opening narration replace by evil twin, opening music. 1:13 the animation for ruby while she envy's the weapons. 1:40 introvert. 1:48 yang's friends are all silhouettes. Also where did these friends come from? 1:57 netiher do we. 2:05 no for all anybody knows she just knocked over a bunch of suitcases. 2:21 we are listening and while we understand none of us give a sh-t. 2:33 somehow knocking over the cases might cause more damage then the glass vial hitting the pavement after being thrown by the explosion. 2:38 despite being caught in a firestorm, weiss shows no burn damage what soever. 2:48 Weiss looks no older than ruby but ruby is somehow younger. despite no visible difference. 2:56 no sh-t beacon is where you become hunters and huntesses and they slay monsters. geez everyone in this show are masters of the obvious. 3:09 exposition by nosey intruder. also obvious future team partner is obivious. thats two sins. both weiss and blake. 3:20 scene does not contain a catfight. 3:36 blake is a dick to girl she just helped. 4:11 name-calling. 4:35 stupid character is stupid cliche.

  • TonytheGamer


    1 year ago

    @DJSchnee GODDAMN IT BARB!!!!!

  • HorusHeresy


    1 year ago


  • nick357357


    1 year ago


  • Terminator15


    1 year ago

    just want to say does any think that Ruby Rose Reminds Them Of Little Red Riding Hood It Reminds Me

    • cpleshek


      1 month ago

      That's because all the characters are based off of a fairy tale character.

      Ruby - Little Red Riding Hood

      Weiss - Snow White

      Blake - Belle

      Yang - Goldilocks.

  • SporkVoltage


    1 year ago

    The sword's sheath is his shield? that is such an awesome idea.