• Chapter 3: The Shining Beacon, Pt.2

    RWBY: Chapter 3: The Shining Beacon, Pt.2

    RWBY is a new animated series from Rooster Teeth, directed by Monty Oum. The story focuses on a group of four girls in their first year at a legendary academy where they will learn to fight monsters.


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Comments (1539)

  • TormentSpecter

    TormentSpecter Just like have fun:)

    2 months ago

    Four girl's that need a good night sleep.

  • juwamaguy


    4 months ago

    can we make throwing pillows at yang a recurring thing?

  • JerGentry


    6 months ago

    did anyone else notice Blake's human ears if those are real that means she has 4 ears

  • adamthepyro


    6 months ago

    Did they reference Dust: An Elysian Tale with Blake's book?

  • Flarvink


    7 months ago

    Tylerchurch2...are you...trying to be CinemaSins?

  • adamthepyro


    7 months ago

    Are we ever gonna get introduced to Ruby's friends from Signal?

  • Kalathanon


    9 months ago

    Enter Pyrrha, the nice quirky girl who is probably the best trained student in the academy at this point.

  • TylerChurch2


    11 months ago

    0:51 right behind you. 1:00 what hole, there wasn't even any real damaged done. 1:11 they're right behind you cliche. 1:25 ha ha real world reference. also unnecessary fast forward. 2:04 you probably shouldn't have said that weiss, it is going to come back to bite you in the but sometime. also obvious sarcasm is obvious. 2:43 so what actaully was that speech suppose to do. Ospin is a dick. 3:02 told ya weiss. 3:19 the only time background characters aren't silhouette. 3:45 aw don't worry, so you'll be hugging each other while you secretly stab each other in the back ruby. just give it time. 3:54 ruby threw her pillow at yang in the pervious scene and is now lying on it here. 4:23 man they are really running that explosion joke into the ground aren't they? 4:41 obvious loner girl is a loner. 5:00 obvious sarcasim is repetative. 5:17 ruby didn't ask what it's about, she asked the name. also is she reading harry potter, what's left of me, or red vs blue? 5:53 naive optimism. scene does not contain, oh wait. also cartoon fighting cloud animation. the last few seconds of this episode are more interesting then the rest of it.

  • Kryaotic


    1 year ago

    @ChadBaskins "Gold" By Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams

  • Sarged17


    1 year ago