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Comments (2874)

  • MrEpical


    1 month ago

    What is it with Rooster Teeth and jumping off rubble AS it's breaking? First in Red VS Blue, now this?

    • UNOwen


      5 days ago

      It is (or was) a thing with Monty Oum. Watch the Dead Fantasy videos and you'll see why.

  • AndrewBooker


    1 month ago

    still by far my favourite episode of rwby

  • Luna5770


    2 months ago

    "Think you can make the shot?" "Humph, can I." "Can yo-" "Of course I can"

  • Jaworth


    2 months ago

    That moment when the bird's head comes off and the epic song hits a finishing chord. Is it even possible to not get goosebumps every time that plays?

  • TeaDrink3r


    4 months ago

    This is always the video I find myself coming back to because its so bloody awesome!

  • Cfee50


    5 months ago

    FUCK YOU @TylerChurch2

  • Dafox117


    6 months ago

    Awesome! FAR from disapointed

  • Arbiter24


    6 months ago

    Dammit Nora!

  • Kalathanon


    7 months ago

    So Nora might be hyperactive and a little crazy but if she can launch Jaune like she did and if her primary weapon is a grenade launcher then she probably has a very good understanding of calculus... or she is just really lucky.

    Also why is there not a "I have a plan" shirt with Ruby on it or something, so much potential.

  • YuriSchenkel


    7 months ago

    I just realized, they had to land in the forest from thousands of feet just a second ago, why didn't Ruby and Weiss use the same "landing strategy"?