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Comments (1174)

  • TormentSpecter

    TormentSpecter Just like have fun:)

    2 months ago

    Weiss, raiseful as always.

  • Kokiden


    4 months ago

    lol Ditz...its a combat skirt

    my theory on the trailer smiley7.gif

    Weiss found out she could fight and went to combat school in secret. Or trained herself in secret. Either way it wouldn't have been easy to have/keep friends. Her family just saw her as a spoiled rich kid and left her supervised by just servants.

    Her family finally finds out after the big envelope from beacon arrives in the mail. They don't know how well she fights so they send one of their prototypes for atlas to show Weiss how weak she is and can't be a huntress

  • Ditz


    7 months ago

    Respect the battle-dress

  • Jhackler


    8 months ago

    Weiss became my favorite as I watched both seasons/volumes, just now watching the trailers and now I love her even more. I really hope she gets some deep development in the series!

  • JaseAlex


    8 months ago

    So, in Volume 2 episode 6: Jaune comments about how great Weiss is and says " and have you ever herd her sing?" Implying that he has, and she is talented. Also we have Weiss stating that "Once she knew she could fight, she felt obligated" and that if she "took a job in Atlas, nothing would change." So we have, that Weiss could probably have made a career as a singer in Atlas; but chose to fly to the continent of Vytal to attend Beacon and become a Huntress instead. Something about the way this trailer goes, looks like she had to defeat the Armor suit to earn a right passage to attend Beacon. Burdened by a royal test. From the comflicted looks in the elevator to the top of the CTT she may have had to fight her way off the path the Schnee family chose, in order to choose this path for herself. Respect for Weiss; and as always, I could be wrong, but time will tell.

  • Kalathanon


    9 months ago

    When one stops to think about it, Weiss may be fighting the hardest enemy out of the trailers. Ruby has the Beowolves but they are pretty squishy, Blake does fight the Spider Droid but Adam is there to help her and Yang just busts up a club (potential pun alert). I think we've yet to see all Weiss it truly capable of and I get the feeling both from this trailer and her fight with the White Fang guy in Season 2 that Weiss may actually hold back on purpose sometimes at the cost of her own safety.

  • WordsAreWind


    11 months ago

    I love her determination, despite not being especially combat-gifted.

  • DylanSabatos


    1 year ago

    This is my theory about Weiss and her trailer. I think that the giant armored thing is sparring dummy that her father had bought her for training. But then her father just forced her to train without end and was never truly able to form friends. This theory of mine would explain why she is so bitter and why she didn't want to talk to her father and sister when she snuck the info the RWBY team needed. Maybe she snuck away from home to join Beacon and since she now has friends she feels like she has more freedoms. I'm not sure though and I would really like to learn more about Weiss. I feel that out of team RWBY we know so little about her.

  • thatwunguy05


    1 year ago

    Love how she just ice skates so elegantly on her glyphs

  • Gamer3427

    Gamer3427 taC terceS

    1 year ago

    Still by far my favorite of the trailers, and still the reason why Weiss is my favorite character........