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Comments (1153)

  • nindorel


    5 months ago

    I didn't understand who was in the picture she showed junior until I re watched it after season 2...I sure know now

  • JamesRaynor


    6 months ago

    I love your cup size Yang, not to mention the cleavage, wow!
    If you were real, I could be your boy toy!

  • JacobBrophy


    6 months ago

    kalathanon, or he's terrified she'd do it again

  • Kalathanon


    7 months ago

    Between watching this and episode 4 from season 2 I can't help but think Junior may actually like Yang. I mean she comes in, and harasses him, then beats up his men, Melanie and Miltia, then breaks his batzooka and blows up his club. Yet the next time she comes in Junior keeps his men from attacking her, gets her a drink and entertains her questions about Roman. I'm just saying if he didn't like her at least a little bit the response would at the least been get out or I'll sue you.

  • trequor


    7 months ago

    Is it just me that finds it funny that this incredibly stylized and over-the-top action anime features more shell casings from reloading than every action movie to date?

  • FractalHN


    8 months ago

    Yang, devoting an inordinate amount of time and energy to hunting down some woman? And being reluctant to explain the search to Ruby? Well, who on Earth could that possibly be? Certainly not a certain absentee parent who we learned Yang spent years of her life pursuing, nope, that would be preposterous.

  • DaWolfMaster


    8 months ago

    @NathanJinks SPOILER ALERT
    It's her mother.

  • Castlereno4


    9 months ago

    Her trailer reminds me of Kill Bill. Go, yellow-haired huntress!

  • NathanJinks


    9 months ago

    Was that picture on her phone Blake?

  • RashidRakaMa


    9 months ago

    alright, so i have since realized that this trailer's music is a mash-up of "red like roses," "mirror mirror," and "i burn."
    but! i can't seem to find the remix of "red like roses" used here.. ..anyone can point me to where i may go?