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Comments (1053)

  • liger0555


    5 months ago

    X-RAY and VAV comics

  • Carolinarock


    5 months ago

    4:41 (X-RAY COMICS!!!)

  • NoWayNormal


    6 months ago

    my friends and I (who are basically team RWBY irl) sing the theme song really freaking loudly whenever we get to school because it'll totally transform into Beacon Academy one day lol.

  • Kalathanon


    7 months ago

    Ruby takes the best facial expression in this episode... yeah you all know which one I'm referring to.

  • JarekJamro10


    7 months ago

    Hilarious I laughed my a-- of of 'albert einstein' part ;D

  • pigsass


    8 months ago

    What is that end song? I really like it.

  • AlexSpeckman


    8 months ago

    Son of a bitch, I knew that Time to say goodbye had to do with Blake! When she's talking to the team near the end of the episode, a piano rendition of TTSG is playing in the background and whats more, right when it gets to the line "Our enemies are gathering" Blake says on cue "Our enemies arent just going to sit around". I had this theory since episode 5 aired but just realized this point now!

  • LotsOWaffles


    8 months ago

    Those pink necks and white faces >.>

  • DamienZucker


    9 months ago

    The part where RWBY was crying in the card game is exactly how I feel when I play Yu-Gi-Oh with my friends

  • TylerChurch2


    9 months ago

    1:36 they can see that ship through all those clouds? sh-t we couldn't see the tower, but apparently they can see well enough to b-tch about Ironwood bringing an entire fleet and division of soldiers to vale. 1:48 wait was that his ship that just landed? or did his ship come ahead of time and the fleet came after. We know that can't be true because in the conversation that follows Ironwood came with them. so that means, his ship landed then he teleported to ospins office on the top of that tall a-- tower. and the show thinks i am okay with that. and i am not okay with that. 2:05 glenda is a dick to dude who just walked in the door. 3:30 do you think they can win a war cliche. 3:37 i hope they never have to fight one cliche. 4:32 so this game is a cross between risk, yu-gi-ou, and bakuguan. Wow three sins for the price of one. 4:40 character living in a sci-fy universe reads a comic book about sci-fy characters. that is some inception style sh-t there monty. well played, but still a sin. 5:04 clueless girl playing game that she doesn't like cliche. 5:33 sure easy you got all that right weiss. 5:34 of course not. 5:59 two characters who hate each other hug it out during an emtional breakdown. 6:57 because the writers couldn't come up with anything better. 7:31 terrible use of irony. 8:12 but not juane apparently, you let him in because reasons. 8:39 dramatic pause to take a drink of coffee cliche. also, this a--hole knew blake was a faunice without needing to see her without the bow, but no one else could tell. 9:17 bullsh-t you were in the right place at the right time. you conspired with a thief and stow away to spy on them and find out. 9:37 blake is a dick to ospin. also this is like withholding evidence from the police. you can go to jail for sh-t like this. 10:24 that animation. 10:49 see this is the sh-t im talking about. in the last episode blake was giggling like a little girl in trouble with her friends after having a food fight that would give albert einstein nigthmares, and now she's a gloomly brooding b-tch about a storm that only the most important characters suspect is coming. and she is not one of those characters. why she knows something is complete bullsh-t and is only happening to set up the plot. 11:32 you blake are one of the people not doing anything to prepare either so you b-tching like this is a cheat in the narrative. 11:44 if yang is telling blake what i think she is then that beats my wildest fantasies. 12:12 main character unknowingly bumps into main bad guy. cliche. 12:41 and zoom in on the face.