• Chapter 3: A Minor Hiccup

    RWBY: Chapter 3: A Minor Hiccup

    Team RWBY is back and ready for their second semester at Beacon, an academy that trains the world's strongest fighters. But real life doesn't stop. Between classes and homework, they still have to find time to save the world. And between the White Fang, Roman Torchwick, and a mysterious new trio, they certainly have their work cut out for them!


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Comments (1084)

  • SwedishX25

    SwedishX25 Who am I?

    1 month ago

    11:10 Oops. Looks like someone didn't set those two to move at the right time. Hope that doesn't happen again in the future because, boy is it kinda goofy.

  • TormentSpecter

    TormentSpecter Just like have fun:)

    2 months ago

    Penny is a biological machine.

  • Jaworth


    4 months ago

    That dust shop owner has the worst luck ever. Of all time.

  • Sarge809214


    5 months ago

    I Cant wait for rwby season 3

  • SpiritDream


    8 months ago

    Just realised that at 1:46 you see a guy with Ozpin's hair behind Weiss and Jaune...

  • Kalathanon


    9 months ago

    Weiss... she might be an emotional time bomb based on the faces she makes when having to deal with her company and her name. Also good on Penny asking the shop keep if he is okay.

  • Kryaotic


    10 months ago

    3:38 White Rose, it lives...

  • KeeferTEarl


    11 months ago

    Do us all a favor and quit now.

  • Saynon


    11 months ago

    For the people asking where Ruby went when Penny told her it wasn't safe to talk there, Penny probably told Ruby about a 'safer' place to meet than the communications tower (where they were more likely to run into guards that would recognize Penny) and they both separated, walked there alone, and met up there. You know, so the guards wouldn't stop them if they saw Penny walking/talking with someone she wasn't supposed to be talking to.

  • TylerChurch2


    11 months ago

    0:01 so are they going to make this a thing. the first episode of the season starts off with diaolog and ends with the opening music? because i will quit watching if they do. 1:09 discount charlie brown. 1:21 okay there are two sins right here. One goofus character hitting on girl he has no chance with cliche, and the name spruce hillis. i'm not saying bruce willis is a bad acter i'm just saying there are far better acters whose names they could have ripped off. but i'd still award a sin for ripping off a real actors name so show is f-cked either way. 1:44 is that all professor ported pants does for his class is tell stories about his golden years? do his students learn anything at all? 1:53 yang tells Juane one day like it is going to happen when we all know its never going to happen. 2:23 weiss thinks because its her family's business they will give her classified documents. 2:45 where the f-ck did you come from. and what is his tail holding onto because in a later shot we clearly see there is nothing above that window for him to do that with. 3:10 oh there's a tree there. damn it i have to take that sin off. 3:35 obvious girl hitting on guy is obvious. 4:03 ruby is a dick to weiss. has this happened enough that we can call it cliche? because it certainly feels like it. 4:16 no one drops their stuff like that, the only reason that happened is so the writers can bring back penny. 4:18 told ya. 5:30 its not safe to talk here cliche. 6:21 holograghic person sits at a real desk. 7:26 that line right there convinces that lady to give weiss classified documents. are you sh-tting me? i don't care if its her fathers business that not how that works. 7:45 rich girl has daddy issues cliche. 7:48 penny said its not safe to talk in an area where other people are around so instead they go to an area where there are other people are around. 7:52 where the hell did ruby go and what the hell was she doing that was so important that she had to leave penny alone. 8:48 no it was this guy. 9:45 new prototype weapon the bad guys mysteriously get a hold of. 10:25 ruby is a dick to breakable stuff. 10:49 nonhuman character does something conspicuous in broad daylight to show they aren't human. 10:53 wait that old guy is also the truck driver for his bookstore/coffee shop/magic weapon store. damn he does work. 11:12 how did those two guards find a way around so fast to see ruby in time to take off after penny? back before penny saved her ruby used her speed to get ahead of them. there is no way way they should have caught up to them. 11:36 okay the gag where penny hiccups when she lies is pretty cute but everyone who hears that should be totally suspicious.