• Volume 2: Production Diary 1

    RWBY: Volume 2: Production Diary 1

    Return to the world of RWBY as the cast and crew share how the show is made! In this first diary, the gang catches you up on pre-production and announces the winner of the Velvet Battle Gear Design Contest.


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Comments (271)

  • IamBluu7


    3 weeks ago

    Simply beautiful.

  • dkamakura


    5 months ago

    ...I still can't believe he's gone.

    In pace requiescat, Monty Oum.

  • MudslingerArtist


    6 months ago

    ...Its moments like this that also make RWBY so magical and loving

  • MrBwinning


    8 months ago

    You will be missed.

  • RagingGrape


    8 months ago

    It's really cool to see all the work and the processes that go into the show. You guys are AWSOME

  • trequor


    10 months ago

    You see this is the root of the reason I love Rooster Teeth; even with their mounting success they are still very rooted and attached to the community

  • ShadowDan


    1 year ago

    Monty is wearing the Assassin's Creed Jacket...I want one so bad.

  • Konig


    1 year ago

    The winning design looks like something out of Fire Emblem

  • NatsuVega


    1 year ago

    I really like this series and I just really wanted to know how you guys do everything, and how it all started. Thx for great series ^_^

  • Epiccastaway


    1 year ago

    the 24th, right? 3:44 already, when was the episode ment to come out again?