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Comments (157)

  • CaptainQWO


    1 year ago

    I'm glad I've seen Burnie in things other than this, because if this was the only thing I had seen him in I'd think he was a prick.

  • OMalyDonut


    1 year ago

    Depending on how my life goes if they keep the gauntlet up im definitely going to try out. Im pretty good, not mlg but close enough, practice and effort can make anyone mlg

  • WhiskyOmega


    2 years ago

    It was Gus' nipple that won it for Red. It was the Nipple. smiley13.gif

  • ozzy786


    2 years ago

    mario lol

  • jbondyoda


    2 years ago

    I can't stop staring at Gus's nipple

  • RaShae


    2 years ago

    you know, I am a little curious on how good I am playing games against other people. Sort of wish I was part of this competition, but then i do not do so well with stress XD

  • Funkynuggets


    2 years ago

    what brand laptops are those?

  • Acerbic0ne


    2 years ago

    Why does this chick host always shake when she talks. It is distracting and annoying as hell. All most as much as her lame ass commentary

  • beezerfox98


    2 years ago

    am i the only one that thinks ali baker is hot

  • BlazeOsis


    2 years ago

    RvY L4D Match was actually close