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Comments (453)

  • x_megaman

    x_megaman x_Megaman

    5 months ago

    Season 3 with Funhaus LEGGO

  • joshg1202


    5 months ago

    Season 1 sorta sucked but season 2 was freaking amazing and hilarious. Really really want season 3. In season 3 they should add a funhaus team. Can't wait!

  • JacobDoster


    10 months ago

    Season 3 please

  • GavinoCostly


    1 year ago

    I kinda hate this series because it gives me a slight twinge of hope, being able to meet rooster teeth, but I know it'll never happen.

  • iMelms


    1 year ago

    This is why I think Joel is hilarious

  • tylersuits


    1 year ago

    Roll Damn Tide, Mr. Burnie

  • ToxicCity


    1 year ago

    Roosterteeth needs to use the Joeltransition more

  • xXVAYNeXx


    1 year ago

    I play the damn ocarina...

  • SimonSense


    1 year ago

    JOel transition was the best.

  • caool1


    1 year ago

    I like the new direction they are taking with this season. Last season's episodes were kinda dull in some parts for me (my opinion) but this season is going for the comical turn.. I love it!