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Comments (341)

  • Aqua113


    4 months ago

    Got a case of the feels when I saw Monty. I miss him so much. :(

  • FINSyndicate


    6 months ago

    This season was fun but I didn't like that!
    I liked Season 1 more because it felt a bit more like competition.
    Just my opinion

  • RaZeR_Moose

    RaZeR_Moose RaZeR Moose

    8 months ago

    monty somewhere imbetween 11-12 mins

  • DRosales


    8 months ago

    In many ways, RT at its best! ;)

  • Kettelino

    Kettelino Netflix Enthusiast

    1 year ago

    This was amazing! O: I really loved this season... It was so much fun to watch. Now I really ask myself why I didn't watch it earlier. :D

  • DylanF


    1 year ago

    Finally found the time to watch The Gaunlet Season 2.

    I'm in the minority that actually liked Greg, insofar as he made for a compelling antagonist. He made me pull that much harder for the RTX guys and made me really care about them.

    Great series, and Greg added the only thing I think was missing, which is antagonistic contestants.

  • Kira10a


    1 year ago

    Really wonder where Ray was this entire time..

  • DaisyBullet


    1 year ago

    Aw, I wanted Cory to win! He was gonna donate money against breast cancer!

  • funkycknlvr


    1 year ago

    Wow Greg needs to never be on Rooster Teeth stuff again.

  • Pakmangod3


    1 year ago

    smiley6.gif greg is annoying