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You guessed it: Music!I just made about a hojillion mixes for my friend Key, so I figured I'd share them with you. Links are to Spotify, which is now shockingly not terrible for U.S. users.

Our Dirty Bodies: An Anders Dragon Age Playlist Series
142 songs — 9 hours, 6 minutes

1. Cut the Kids in Half
Anders grows up in the Ferelden Circle

2. Escape Champion
Anders runs away a lot—literally and emotionally

3. Awakening
Anders joins the Wardens and Justice has an influence

4. The Next Wrong Place
Fleeing to Kirkwall and starting over

5. Don’t Fall in Love With Me Yet
Anders thinks a relationship would be a mistake, especially after Karl; Hawke isn’t taking that for an answer

6. Goddamn the Light
Fuck you, Chantry: love wins

7. My Love Is Like a Powder Keg
Anders treasures his time with Hawke, but he sees the last straw on the horizon

8. Man-Made Natural Disaster
A rap of a staff, an explosion, an ignition

9. Burn Hotter Than the Sun
Aftermath and consequences
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