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Male from Sunnyvale, CA
I am a very boring person. I spend my free time playing Skyrim. That's pretty much all.
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My taste in musicI have always hated the question "What kind of music do you like?" Until about 5 or 6 years ago, I didn't seek out any music at all, but I never felt like I could answer "none," so I would say something to the effect of "anything is fine." Now that I DO listen to music, I have so many songs that are so different, that now I don't answer because I am unable to give a reasonably short answer.
Some examples:
- Most of Malukah's work.
- Amazing Grace, on bagpipes
- Arrival, from the Halo 4 soundtrack
- Avanti by Folkstone
- Centuries by Fall Out Boy
- Piano/Cello cover of Centuries
- Chopin's Funeral March
- Many of the songs from RWBY
- Glorious Morning by Waterflame
- I am the Doctor by Murray Gold
- Piano cover of I Burn (RWBY Yellow trailer) sped up 1.25x
- Master of Tides by Lindsey Sterling
- This song from the H3:ODST live-action trailer
- 2 versions of Rocky Road to Dublin 1. The Dubliners 2. Orthodox Celts
- A few versions of the Skyrim theme (Original) (Lidsey Sterling & Peter Hollens) (Tay Zonday)
- Smooth Criminal cover by 2CELLOS
- Wake Me Up by Avicii
- Villagers Begin Building by Stephen Endelman
- Mit Dans Is All Die Werlt Genesen by Corvus Corax

I have far to little understanding of how musical genres are defined to be able to see much that these all have in common; all I know is that there is a lot of Celtic folk music. I very much hope someone with an understanding of music and a surplus of free time sees this and is able/willing to help me give a better answer than "whatever other people are playing is fine" when asked what music I listen to.
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