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32 year-old female from Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

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Dusting*cough, splutter, cough, sneeze*

Man, it is a bit dusty in here......hrm

*runs off to find a feather duster and a cobweb broom*
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Name Kit
Occupation Nurse
Birthday December 17th, 1982
Interests Most things perverse and geeky. Alas I will admit to my RvB addiction but if your asking about my fixation of D&D my Warhammer army the anime that I can’t stop watching or my obsession with Harry Potter then I will flat out deny any knowledge and plead ‘normal’. My poor parents they tried their best to raise me as a useful member of respectable society look what a few years of going to Uni and hanging out with IT geeks will do to you!
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Music I like most music apart from "i'm so fucking cool cause I do drugs and screw chicks" kind of rap and "my dog died my wife left me my house blew down and I shot the horse.....sure am going to miss the dog" country.
Movies Way too many to even start naming!
Books All the Harry Potter books including the accompanying books Terry Prachett’s New stuff Terry Goodkind (like all good underground geeks do) Sara Douglass Kate Forsyth Ann Rise C.S. Lewis. So in short any book that I can get my little hands on that is a fantasy or comedy. I am currently reading a series by J. Carey called Kushiel';s Dart Kushiels Chosen and Kushiels Avatar........BLOODY AWESOME!