July 5th, 3:00 PM, 2013 to 4:00 PM, 2013 in Main Ballroom at RTX 2013
Join the cast and crew of Rooster Teeth's newest show, RWBY! We'll be showing the first episode and taking some Q+A!

Monty Oum
Shane Newville
Kathleen Zuelch
Miles Luna
Kerry Shawcross
Lindsay Tuggey
Kara Eberle
Arryn Zech
Barbara Dunkelman
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1 year ago
Is this going to be streamed or is it exclusive to RTX attendees?
1 year ago
Well Shit! I have to wait another month! I sure hope the RTX attendees enjoy it though :) Have fun you guys.

Are there any other RTX exclusive panels?
#2  Posted 1 year ago
Aruseus493 Reddit
No idea, I am just hoping they don't pull the same thing with the RvB panel. I'm in the stream right now waiting for it to start.
#3  Posted 1 year ago
Junior Henchman cosplay, modified it a touch to be a Boss.
1 year ago
Can't wait! I have high hopes for this show.
1 year ago
Aruseus493 Reddit
I was kind of disappointed that those watching the live stream got almost no new information on RWBY. Just a small spoiler from mentioning something shown in the first episode. I would have at least liked to have been able to see the op for the series.
1 year ago
DrewBeausole Sponsor
They need to not wait too the 18th to post the video... It's so bull that because u can't travel to Austin u have to wait to see it
1 year ago
You kidding me? I started the RWBY group on the site. I have to go.. Also I don't think the other admins of the group are attending
1 year ago
cant wait to see the first RWBY episode
1 year ago
So what about the panel? Is it going up on Youtube or Twitch?
10 months ago
Firestar1992 Pandora
Ah, 90% of the reason I'm going to RTX. So excited!
1 year ago
rabiosa Panda
I will be there in my Blake cosplay! Very excited
1 year ago
dereckc1 RTX x2
I'll be there as the 10th Doctor, so could be a funny instance in the line to get in...
#1  Posted 1 year ago
Darbot Sponsor
Yep, making a b-line for it as soon as I can!
1 year ago
Cronsplosion Sponsor
I cant wait! This easily might be what im most excited for
1 year ago
Shmoodle PKMN Master
RTX '14 Will be my year guys! Promise Ill come next year!!
1 year ago
when is RWBY going to start up again?
1 year ago
This is going be EPIC
1 year ago
I can't wait to see this!
1 year ago
Geekio7 Sponsor
I cannot wait to see this.
1 year ago
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