RTX 2013
July 5th, 2013 to July 7th, 2013 in Austin, TX
We're back for a 3rd time! Join Rooster Teeth and tons of big names in both gaming and the web for an unforgettable weekend in Austin!

Get your tickets at RTXEvent.com!
Friday (July 5th)
9:00 AM  Registration Open
12:00 PM  Spill Dot Con: Rage Select
12:00 PM  Exhibit Hall Open
12:30 PM  Meet the 501st Legion
1:00 PM  Halo Fan Films: Expanding the Universe
1:00 PM  Artists of the RT Community
1:00 PM  Video Game High School - Season 2 - The Evolution of a Web Series
2:30 PM  Spill Dot Con: Remote Viewing
2:30 PM  Big Armor Builds
2:30 PM  The Creatures
3:00 PM  RWBY
3:00 PM  Community Hunter Panel
3:00 PM  Glib Shark: An Afternoon Podcast Jam!
4:30 PM  RT Films, Series, and Shorts
4:30 PM  Spill Dot Con: Spill.com Talent Show
4:30 PM  AH Battle Brawlers: The Making of a Community Video Game
5:00 PM  Breaking Bad: How to not be "That Guy"
5:00 PM  How to YouTube on a Budget
8:00 PM  Geeks Who Drink
Saturday (July 6th)
8:00 AM  Registration Opens
9:00 AM  Exhibit Hall Open
9:30 AM  Making Cool Stuff: Inside RT Merch
10:00 AM  Achievement Hunter
10:00 AM  RWBY Technology
10:30 AM  The History of Gaming on YouTube
10:30 AM  Game Theory 101: Basic Theory and Game Mechanics
11:00 AM  Spill Dot Con: Animation Panel
11:30 AM  Video Games and Mental Health: Science vs Stigma
12:00 PM  Best Video Ever!
12:30 PM  Spill Dot Con: Film Festival
12:30 PM  Have I Made It? Defining Success on the Internet
1:00 PM  What's Next: Halo 4 Summer 2013
1:30 PM  History Fighter: Rapidly Building a CCG for Mobile
2:00 PM  HiRez and Iron Gaming: Evolution of eSports
2:30 PM  Voice Over for Video Games
2:30 PM  Trocadero Music in RvB
3:00 PM  Spill Dot Con: Master Pancake Theater
3:30 PM  Breaking into the Game Industry with GameSalad
4:00 PM  Producing from A to Z!
4:00 PM  The Slow Mo Guys
4:30 PM  Women of YouTube
4:30 PM  Richard Garriott
5:30 PM  BottomlessWits Great Debate Playoff of Doom
6:00 PM  Game Audio: Create, Conceive, Conquer
7:00 PM  Attendee Mixer
Sunday (July 7th)
7:00 AM  Live-Action Shoot
8:00 AM  Registration Opens
9:00 AM  Exhibit Hall Open
9:30 AM  Red vs. Blue
9:30 AM  How to Break Into Pro-Gaming
10:00 AM  Spill Dot Con: A Couple of Cold Ones
10:00 AM  Halo and Hollywood
10:00 AM  The Awesome On Its Own Audition
10:00 AM  Internet Box Podcast
11:30 AM  Grifball
12:00 PM  RT Podcast: Live!
12:00 PM  Game Theory 201: Advanced Theory
12:00 PM  Animation Q+A With Tuxedo Mob
12:30 PM  Spill Dot Con: Leon and Cyrus
1:30 PM  RWBY Art Panel
2:00 PM  Spill Dot Con: Let's Do This!!!
2:00 PM  My Little Panel 2: Electric Scootaloo
2:00 PM  BLTTP Live!
2:00 PM  Mega64
4:00 PM  Spill Dot Con: Costume Contest
4:00 PM  A Simple Walk Into Mordor... And RTX
4:00 PM  Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures
4:00 PM  The Art of Podcasting: Attracting Audiences Topically and Technically
150 COMMENTS Sort by Likes · Date
Wow. I can't believe I live here in Austin and didn't hear about RTX until after last year's. Oh well, This year will be my first in attendance. And I have a $5 off coupon from SXSW interactive! Woohoo!
2 years ago
Tgjanlee Peak Bees
I'm going to RTX now. RTX is cool.
2 years ago
My first RTX! So excited to be going :D Driving from Memphis. And my birthday is July 10th so thanks for timing it just right for my pre-birthday party ;)
2 years ago
Sadly, we aren't going to be able to go. Hubby couldn't get off work.
#6  Posted 1 year ago
AuthorPa Sponsor
That sucks! Maybe next year.
#7  Posted 1 year ago
rem234 Sponsor
I wish i could make RTX this year, I hope its as awesome as it looks. And i hope that ill make next year.
1 year ago
HollowVex Sidekick
"sigh" maybe next year... :'(
2 years ago
YEA!!! RTX!!!
2 years ago
Bandit23 Bass Space
The first had "The Field".
The second had All Of Congress.
What will we have for the third RTX? I cannot wait.
2 years ago
IsTheBear Sponsor
Very excited to be able to go
2 years ago
Why dont you guys ALL come to perth, WA :( We need more RVB
2 years ago
Everyday I wake up I expect it to be July
2 years ago
VirgoxCancer Sponsor
I'm surprised that it won't be on a fault line. Hahaha No earthquakes.
2 years ago
The podcast reference that made my day :)
#1  Posted 2 years ago
I just realized that I am going to be in Austin during this time frame. Sadly, I won't be able to attend since I will be looking at apartments. Maybe next year since I am moving there. :)
2 years ago
If you're looking to meetup with the community, there are opportunities, check out all of this site: rtsidequest.com/category/rtx/rtsq-presents
#1  Posted 2 years ago
FATstronaut BeanBearChag
I can't wait!
2 years ago
Hoping I can go if my classes don't get in the way! :D My first RTX! ^_^
2 years ago
Aerodynamixx Tactician
This will be my first year going to RTX - can't wait! Gotta represent Venezuela, Florida and Colorado all at once!
2 years ago
Russspruce Sponsor
After being away last year, I can't wait to come back to RTX and catch up with old friends and make some new ones.
2 years ago
I wish I went to see everyone
2 years ago
will mr gavin free be going ?
2 years ago
Yes. Gavin will be at RTX.
#1  Posted 2 years ago
First RTX, coming from Maryland. Everything is already set.
2 years ago
I was so looking forward to going and sadly thanks to lack of funds I will most likely not be able to go. I was really hoping to go this year too; especially since I heard about RWBY and defently after the Red trailer came out. But as much as it sucks there were other things that I needed to spend my money on. So maybe I can make it next year. :(
2 years ago
bigmak93 King Nothing
Can't wait! So damn excited to go to my first event ever!
2 years ago
One year... one year I shall go. :(
2 years ago
Damn if only they did one in the UK then i would be there every year
2 years ago
hell yes first RTX trip planed. now how to f'n get there from PA
2 years ago
Philly to Austin is pretty damn cheap by plane. ~$270 on Airtran/~$380 on US Air with a direct flight (which might be worth it).
#1  Posted 2 years ago
To see RTX first hand I'd give that hand, thanks Arcys had no idea it was that inexpensive I'd waste more on gas driving there. More money for swag.
#2  Posted 2 years ago
If only I lived in Austin :(
2 years ago
Shagrazir 4e Paladin
RTX is getting closer! I can't wait!!
2 years ago
JohnConner RTX 2014
First RTX for me, and i couldn't be more excited for it
2 years ago
I can't believe I live in Houston and I didn't hear about this for the first time till yesterday!
1 year ago
RedVsBlue209 Sponsor
I wish I could go :(
2 years ago
I came to RTX last year and they screwed up the panels by not clearing the rooms. This year they fixed that problem. That's not to say this years convention is without it's own pitfalls. The primary issue is the autograph lines.

The lines are open but the "demigod guardians" decide how long the lines can be. I believe their misguided efforts could be better spent limiting the amount of time the attendees get for the autograph . I saw people spend 5 or 10 minutes talking and getting photographs.

These last two conventions haven't had much going in the way of exhibits so the autographs and fan interaction have been the draw. The "demiguardians " have developed a reputation in the last two years and it's not good.

People come here to see the stars. This convention was a big let down.
1 year ago
The signings were capped the way they were to alleviate traffic flow issues around the expo hall floor. When one spot clogs up, it quickly causes flow issues elsewhere in the hall that cause even more issues.

We have already moved signings to a different part of the hall for tomorrow. This area will...
#1  Posted 1 year ago
Thank you for your reply. I am here today (Sunday July 7th) and I do not see any difference although I have not really looked. My son is in line now waiting while so many attendees sit and chat and waste time that others could use to get autographs. All the while the "demi-gurdians " stand...
#2  Posted 1 year ago
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