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She looked back and all her footprints were gone. And all the blemishes of her past were smoothed into perfection. And the only imperfect marks were where she was standing, creating her new flaws.
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311so garrett, his friend jon and i went to 311 last night.
it was awesome.

(and for those of you who talk to garrett, this is not to be repeated.)
garrett passed out twice, one right after another at the show.
it scared me shitless.
on the way out one lady looked at him and said "wow he's really green"
first of all lady, my boyfriend just collapsed, hes probably not going to look too good.

once we got out and everything felt a little better, i started cracking up.
they looked at me funny and asked why i was laughing.
i told them right after it happened, when garrett was pale and green,
he looked like something from left for dead & that i was going to go home and play tonight.

my boyfriend looked like a zombie from lfd.

anyways... 311=awesome
time for some lfd now. HAHAHA
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Name mel
Occupation phone girl!
Birthday April 28th, 1989
Interests watching my cat jump head first into windows. It's sweet. I basically work all the time. But I work a lot I hang out with friends and my boyfriend Garrett. We've been dating for a while. Yayzers! I9;m really social but it just takes a second to get comfortable around new people. A lot of my guy friends are older but a lot of my girl friends are younger. With the exception of Joe. Who's one of my best friend but hes also my ex boyfriend. The GroVaughSon family is the best! Thats my real family. Seriously. My best friends are always around me unless i decided i need time alone. The grovaughsons are part of that. Then there9;s Garrett. I love Cullen. He's my hero. Josh is my idol. I go to Christian camp every year and its so much fun. I say peace out a lot. Phrases like ";it's on my list of things to do" and "I';ll consider it"; are on my commonly said things. And yeah... I don't know how to end this.
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Books I only read Cosmo and books by Jennifer Cruise really. But my Aunt has those at the moment.