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RTX 2014After almost 8 years in this community, this was my first RTX and first chance to meet so many of you I’ve come to know over the years. Coming to watch so many of you grow and mature in the community makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. The events of those four days I was in Austin have been playing non-stop in my head even as I type this.

There’s just so many of you I want to thank for just getting to finally meet you and make me feel like I sort of belong in a place that was way over my head. I’d like to thank Chad for not only housing me, but for also putting up with all of my bullshit during the entire convention (and for not having a dryer). I want to thank Mike, Westy, and Eric for letting me hang with them and not killing me for all the bad puns that came out of my mouth. I want to thank James for letting me tickle him repeatedly, and the list just goes on.

While I won’t bore you with all the specifics of my experience, getting to meet and talk to Geop and Diabetus was an unexpected highlight for me! Every panel, from RP to IB, was fun and full of energy that I’ve never experienced before. Hell, I even got to touch Burnie’s well-toned chest!

Which brings me to the last person I want to thank, Nycole. Without you pushing me to not be such the shy guy that I am, I never would have been able to go in the first place. Furthermore, I never would have even thought about approaching Burnie had it not been for you and Tessa pushing me forward against my will. Every moment I got to spend with you was fun, full of laughs, and it made the convention for me. There was a lot of stuff I didn't say, but wish I had. Just know that no matter what happens, that you're my best friend and I care about you a lot Nycky.

(And thanks for the signature so I can forge it on checks, loser)
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