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the conspiracy behind Red Vs. Blueit looks as if all of RvB is possibly the simulations that the alpha was put threw in order to break him, maybe we are watching RvB threw the eyes of alpha as they torture him with his inevitable future

he has lost his true love on more than 1 occasion, hes been killed only to be brought back, he has had his friends pitted against him, hes been stranded alone for a year, and just when he almost had everything figured out he was forced to start over and then forced to forget about the girl he loved thinking that was his purpose only to be brought back into further conflict.

also notice any time something really bad happens to church you see a new AI appear, maybe you are seeing him shed his fragments one by one
1st. caboose kills church, the anger of being killed by his own teammate caused omega to spawn
2nd being blown up and unable to stop the bomb inside of him caused him to want to take his own team down with him thus gave birth to gamma
3rd after his girlfriend had been completely destroyed by Andy the bomb he gave up the will to think of a way a way to fix anything thus spawned delta
4th(the final AI) his "best friend" and teammate caboose was almost killed and the one lead they had to stopping the meta was stolen this is one of the 2 events that gave birth to epsilon the 2nd event after epsilon was born we are no longer watching RvB threw alphas eyes we are now following the rest of the story threw epsilon because once they found the epsilon unit alpha banished all his memory's and placed himself inside the unit then left epsilon with Washington without either knowing he was created, and still thinking that he was still alpha, this is why when caboose revives church he has no memory of any of the red or blues or anything he had been threw because he wasn't epsilon he was in fact the alpha after he lost all his memory. o and that EMP blast didn't destroy the A.I.s that was just the simulations depiction of the director harvesting them from Alpha. (this is why delta is the 1st A.I. harvested and maybe not the 1st one that appears

then the A.I. that you don't see spawn may have come form other events.
After being sent back in time by gamma he realized that it was him that caused himself to die this gave birth to sigma (creativity)

and remember delta says "we can't let the cycle start again", the "cycle" might be him going in to the epsilon unit and start over, this action might cause different events to trigger causing different AI to spawn this might be why there are other A.I.s that you never see spawn that might have come from the capture unit, it is undetermined how long he was in that unit, or how many times he went deeper and deeper in the unit only to start over, the differences are small but noticeable example- in the unit caboose never kills church and you also never see the omega A.I. when Tex comes around

more proof that BGC were the experiments done to alpha to break him. when epsilon is trapped in the capture unit and says "if you have to live the rest of your life in a memory, you might as well make it a good one" why is epsilon reliving alphas memories and not his own, if he is really epsilon he has no memory of what happened to alpha because he broke away from him long ago
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