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For the love of god let it end!I am going to say this once and only once, stop trying to compensate for your other inadequacies by putting a random attractive member of the opposite/same sex on your profile. There are two kinds of people who do this young teens/preeteens and people who need to compensate for a major lack of intelectual prowess or personality. The usual response to the random hot girl is as follows

XxAssmasterxX Dude shez so hawt, ud totly bang her 4 lif

Dudeman_03 J4 m4n 1 t0t411y kn0 I b4ng3d j0 m0m lolzorz

Freakykid I'd give you a +1 hot if that were an option

Theoblivious Dude is that u? I'll totally cybr

These four jackasses and their clones will proceed to circle through each others RHG avatars in a self promoting circle jerk in order to compensate for their other MAJOR flaws. These are the morons who make most debate on forums a series of comments about who is donkey punching who's mother after hours. I mean seriosly do they acually believe that there is a single person on earth (besides themselves) who gives a flying fuck about their hot girl avatar. Although it is highly amusing to see someone with the superscript 12 years old in their profile trying to pass off a porn star as their girlfriend I noticed today that these jackasses are acutally getting high mod point ratings.

Call me old fasioned but I do not see the way to win positive karma as a endless cycle of positive modding from pre-pubescent hormonally imbalanced 12 year olds.
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