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30 year-old male from Iraq its only for a year...i think
"Only the dead have seen the end of war"

may the helmet show the protection for which your brother in arms gave.

may the gun show the strength of which you have given

and may the boots stay with you for the walk to heaven

live and die by the colors we fly

for they do not run and nor do we

freedom has a bell and when it falls on death ears whom do you turn to protect the rights you deserve and freedom you hold dear

The last mission is the one where you did all you can and lost all you could

May god be with my fellow soldiers as I pray he is with me.

-Chem Corps Forward-
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I have returnededAfter a long time away from the greatness that is Red vs. Blue I have returned. I knowe between the Myspace hype and deployments it's just so hard to find time. However no longer will I turn a blind eye to that which is greatness. Especially with so much making up to do. It comes with an * though. I will be leaving again for a short while while in transportation from point A to point B where ever the hell that may be. I do know this though that after 30+ monthes I will get to spend more than 6 in the United States which really makes me happy beyond words. So in closing hello again Red vs Blue it has been far too long I promise never to stray again(with the exception of the aformentioned *).

elimentis regmis proeleum
_Chem Corps Forward_
and new the the family
airborn, all the way
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Name sean
Occupation Chemical operations US Army
Birthday February 1st, 1985
Interests I like to blow stuff up Watch things fight for their last breath of air blow more stuff up and then do fell good things like help rebuild a country. One brick at a time my friend one brick.
Music You name it im their i love music
Movies When they only cost $2 a dvd ill watch anything