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My first memory was when I was 2 I believe . my dad was washing his white ford station
wagon but then it was a car to me ,and mum was talking to mary our neighbour and I was running over to them . then the memory goes dark. The next was my sister showing me how to climb out off my bed room window , I was told I made it down the street I was still 2 years old at this time ,then the memory goes dark. Then was Christmas this memory is a lil stronger , I was about 3 years old and we where watching agros cartoon connection and I had to finish my coco pops . I loved them with a passion but not on Christmas when I had the biggest box sitting under the tree and when I opened it it was optimas prime metal and all then a quick fast forward . he was lost dunno how dunno when . then the next memory was waking up 1am to find my mum and dad and my uncal and auntie and nan and pop . planing our trip to the gold coast and sadly the memory goes dark.

My name is Adam Perry and this is my story from 1988 till the day I stop retelling or the day I die . the date now is march 6th 2011 im 22 years old I live with my girl friend amanda and I have been for the last 2 years . its been hard and because she has a one tracked mind but she tries hard to make this a home . life is not fun and I do not see the point anymore . I dont believe in god because if he loved us when would he have us wage war for oil, religion,money and soil but never for love or friendship . evolution science and the big bang makes sense but thats enough about that.

The reason im telling this story for 2 reasons . 1 im very lost in what to do with my life because im very sure I have taken a wrong turn and doing this will help me know where I went wrong . I know sum but the is one point where I took a wrong turn . and 2 when I die every memory I have will turn to dark so im telling this to so if some one reads this they will know and I can live as a memory and if you have to live the rest of your life as a memory .. you might as well make it a good one.

OH AND AMANDA if your reading this dont just stop reading and flip out because you need to see where I come from and how I have lived my life till this day and how I have seen this cuz seeing is believing and my eyes have not lied . or if you think im just being stupid then get your shit and fuck off because I have little time for people like that anymore . so please keep reading .

My next memory is putting a live chicken in a washing machine with my neighbours grand son brendon . I remember she had a few chickens in the back yard with a small tin shed with a gorge jetson key chain in its lock . I think we got in trouble . I was to scared when I found out there was a thing called death . my mind was running so fast that I cant really remember how it ended but mum told me mary was very sad . I have not seen mary for some time now and I remember if she had two friends one with dark blue hair and one with pink hair . they where in there 60s I believe . dunno what the idea was with the hair but it didnt work . and mary I dunno if I can eva tell you this but I am very sorry. It was about this time I found out this place I lived in was called tenambit but that what the whole would was to me. We had a dog called tasha and she was a chiwawa and she was my best friend we where 2 peas in a pod but ill talk more about her later. Now I know this is a moment that shapes my life some what but I did get my hobby and my passion from this one gift my dad got for my sister but she was quick to let me take it as my own, they called it a SEGA master system with a game called alex the kidd built in to it. I could talk for hours about this experience but I can talk more about it later and I will but I just wanna tell my life with out getting to the gaming life style . then a lot of my memory goes very dark for some time . bits and pieces are there like going to my mums mums house in a far far way place called Sydney . and then there is some stuff of a far far far far way place called graffton where my dads brother lived with his his scum of women but at that time I called her auntie leonie . then finally it clears up at our new home called Rutherford..this is where the story really takes shape and some off the best moments in my life and some of the very worst moments but it was our new home and where I will spend most of my life till this day . and thats the beginning of how I recall my life . I will tell more as remember because im starting to remember more now buts its 12am and I need a smoke . lol I wrote my first chapter.
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