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29 year-old male from Los Angeles, California

I like to draw, play video games watch internet shows, and workout. :) *More Added later*
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How a 3DS got me a career in PRI have a Nintendo 3DS, it's an awesome game console, it lets me play games in 3D, and the line of games for both the Nintendo DS and 3DS is really solid. However, unlike other consoles, the 3DS has a feature called Streetpass. This allows you to use your 3DS Mii to enter into other character's "Streetpass Plaza" when the console is in sleep mode, and give you a mini-greeting. I discovered that I could use it for promotion, so at E3, I went and networked myself to a couple hundred people. I started to even go out to Streetpass-specific meets and met with more contacts. It was through one of these contacts that hooked me up with a PR internship.

I went into it and found that I really enjoyed what I was doing. It was the start of a brand new career. After the internship ended, I went out to look for PR jobs aggressively, and only recently did one come across. I am now fully-employed and working in the field I want to be in, so this is a major change, and I have to thank the Nintendo 3DS in bringing me to this fantastic new career.

So yeah, that's how a 3DS got me a career in Public Relations.
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Name Steven Kunz
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