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Red vs Blue FAQ
Everything you wanted to know about RvB and asked in e-mail a million times
Q: Hey.
A: Hey.
Q: What is Red vs Blue?
A: If you don't know, why are you here?
Q: I'm not really asking for me, moron.
A: Oh, right. Red vs Blue is a series of videos we make every week using the Halo videogame engine. We write the script, act out the dialog and the animate it with the Xbox version of the...
Q: Yawn.
A: Hey, you asked.
Q: How do you make the videos?
A: We use four Xbox 360s, four copies of Halo and a Mac with a Blackmagic Intensity capture card and a bunch of Apple editing software. We run the video from one of the Xboxes into the capture card and use that as the "camera", the other XBoxes are used for the characters and are run by our puppeteers --
Q: Yawn.
A: All right, then stop asking.
Q: When do the videos come out?
A: RvB videos used to release every Friday to sponsors and every Sunday to the general public. Currently RvB episodes are released at 9PM Central time (GMT -6) on Mondays for the general public.
Q: I never saw Season one, two or three. Where do I get those?
A: Well you could buy one of our DVDs from our online store.
Q: Nice try.
A: Or you could just visit our online archive under RvB Videos. When a Season is running, the archive shows a rolling window of videos every week. This archive rolls every Tuesday night to the next 3-5 episodes. When it hits the end it starts over again.
Q: What happened to the old forum?
A: It went to college and made new friends. Now it doesn't call anymore. What a jerk.
Q: How do you get your characters to point their weapons down and how do you get characters to hold nothing and how do you get rid of the reticle (in Halo 1 and Halo 2)?
A: If you want a character to point their weapon down, you just have to hit down on the d-pad. The process to get a character to drop their weapon and to get rid of the reticle is identical. Start an oddball or assault game. Have the character hold a charged plasma pistol then walk over the skull or bomb. Hold X to pick up the skull or bomb then step back as you do so. Your character will drop everything he is holding and be left with nothing in his hands.
Q: Why are some of these questions funny and some aren't?
A: Because Gus is a jerk who gets mad at replying to emails that are answered in the faq so he adds faq questions when he is in a bad mood. What a grumpy Gus.
Q: Red vs Blue should be on TV!
A: That wasn't a question. Also our DVD's play on televisions that are connected to DVD players.