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Strangerhood FAQ
All there is to know about Rooster Teeth's Sims 2 Project
Q: Why was there no SH FAQ until now?
A: There were a myriad of factors, most of which point back to Matt. So to put it succinctly: Matt.
Q: What is the Strangerhood?
A: The Strangerhood is a series Rooster Teeth is making use Sims 2. They laugh, they cry, they shower and in general, hilarity ensues.
Q: What is the Strangerhood about?
A: Seven strangers awake to find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. They cannot remember who they are and how they got there. A mysterious voice that randomly appears is the only one who knows the truth.
Q: How many episodes are in Season 1?
A: 17. Which is exactly 649 episodes less than the mark of the beast. Think about it.
Q: What are the Strangerhood Studios?
A: These are videos made for the Indendent Film Channel (IFC). They feature the same characters from Strangerhood, but in a different scenario.