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Website FAQ
Your house always smells funny to other people.
Q: What's the deal with the community site?
A: Our first site was really ugly, so we decided to make a new one. That kind of snowballed and we made the community based site you see now.
Q: I hate change.
A: Thanks for sharing.
Q: How do I join this site?
A: Click any of the member nav links or look in the top right hand corner. Click on "Sign Up" and we'll guide you through the rest.
Q: I bet I have to pay a bunch of money to join.
A: You don't. It's free.
Q: I bet I have to join to watch the videos.
A: Nope. The videos are still free.
Q: Then why join?
A: Because if you like movies made in videogames then you probably like movies and videogames themselves. So do the people in our community.
Q: They sound like dorks.
A: Hey, at least they didn't need to read the FAQ.
Q: What is karma? What gives me karma? What makes me lose karma?
A: Karma is a rating system where your karma level is raised based on how much you use the site and how much positive feedback other users give you. You can gain karma for making comments that get modded up and you can lose karma for making comments that get modded down.
Q: What are mod points? How can I get mod points?
A: Mod points are ratings given to various posts around the site. You can gain mod points by using the site and making positive comments that get modded up.
Q: How do I get an award?
A: Different staff members put their awards on a user's profile for different reasons, but mainly because that person didn't ask for it.