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Email FAQ
Typical questions you ask us in email (over and over again)
Q: When does the next episode of Red Vs Blue come out?
A: The release cycle works like this. Red Vs Blue comes out each week on Monday at 9PM Central time (GMT -6) for the general public.
Q: Are you going to use the next Halo game to make any videos?
A: We are focused on our current projects and will evaluate new games once they launch and once we are ready to undertake a new project.
Q: Where are all your old episodes?
A: We have a rotating archive of old RvB episodes that gets updated once a week. People who sponsor the site get access to the entire RvB archive.
Q: What do you use to make the videos?
A: We use 4 Xbox 360s, Final Cut Studio, Soundtrack Pro, and a Blackmagic Intensity video capture card all on a Mac running OS X.
Q: Can I be an intern at Rooster Teeth?
A: If you live in Austin, TX and have a high school diploma and are enrolled in an accredited college or university, you can apply for our summer internship program. Simply apply online at Sorry, we can not accommodate anyone who does not fit the above conditions and we do not take "advance" applications for upcoming years.
Q: Are you hiring?
A: Rooster Teeth is always looking for the best talent the internet has to offer. If you have at least two years experience in video production/editing or general production artistry including 3D modeling, animation or character design simply apply online at Rooster Teeth is not currently seeking writers or series ideas. Please do not send scripts as they will not be read.