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28 year-old male from Saint Petersburg, Fl
No idea what to put here. I work IT and I've been a fan of Rooster Teeth since 2004.

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ME3 Multiplayer rantBeen playing ME3 multiplayer since the beta. Two things that keep pissing me off:

1) Searching for a Bronze or Silver level match and getting put into a Gold or now Platinum level match. When I search for a Bronze or Silver my character/class choice and loadouts are meant for those levels, not fucking Gold or Platinum.

2) Getting kicked from a 'game lobby' because my N7 rating is only 180. I've only promoted 2-3 characters and now I have them all up to 20. I don't feel like re-leveling any of them right now so don't take much stock in the fucking N7 rating people- we all can't devote our lives 24/7 to playing to video game.
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Name Stephen
Occupation IT Support for public school system.
Birthday September 26th, 1986
Interests Computers and generally anything having to do with Technology Scifi Reading every now and then some writing and Sleeping who doesn't like to sleep?
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