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43 year-old male from Arlington, WA

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TiredHaving weekend duty really blows. Leg still hurts and spending three days for duty with about three hours of sleep each day really gets to be trying. Hopefully I can add about six, the watches don't look too bad today so I might be able to get to snooze away tonight. Another day and I get to spend some tiime with the family after a regular workday. Yay!

Anyways how is your weekend going?
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Name Steven
Occupation US NAVY
Birthday July 26th, 1971
Interests Paintball Rock Climbing Paintball Computers Paintball Model Rocketry Paintball Strategy Games (mainly Silent Death and Flames of War) Table top role playing games (I mainly do HARP and Cyberpunk now) Paintball Liberty Meadows paint.....ah never mind you get the idea Sluggy Freelance Electrical and electronic problems Harley Davison's V-Rod and Ferrets (Hawaii doesn't allow them). Makes me miss the Mainland) My kids but most of all my wife and the positions roles costumes and toys we can get ourselves into (Yay Bondage Leather and roleplay) Ashton and Drew Estates Cigars.
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Music Heavy Metal Industrial some Techno(Lords Of Acid Rocks!!) I get into Blues Jazz Classic Rock and some R&B Wierd Al Richard Cheese (I have yet to get one of his CDs). Stuff like Lords of Acid Five Finger Death Punch Sousixe and the Banshees Metallica Iron Maiden Manowar Traci Lords Candy Dulfer to name a few I know I have a wide range but why be so straight laced.
Movies I love the Usual Suspects Das Boot Tora-Tora-Tora The LOR Trilogy Evil Dead series(This is my BOOM STICK) Star Trek 2 & 4 Star Wars Ep 4 5 & 6 Big Trouble in Little China Buckaroo Banzai The Kentuky Fried Movie and many more.
TV Shows Who's Line Is It Anyways Mail Call Mythbusters Dirty Jobs X-Play BSG SG1 MXC Good Eats Emril Live Iron Chef(the Asian version) Dead Like Me How It's Made Metalocalypse Moral Oral Robot Chicken And a bunch of others I cannot think of.
Books The Last Stand Of The Tin Can Sailor In Harms Way "The Story Of The Indiannapolis" The War Against The Chtorr series The Red Wall stories The original Dragonlance books The Test Of the Twins series The Foundation series Dune H.P. Lovecratfts Cuthulu Mythos Napalm & Silly Putty Brain Droppings When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops? The Zombie Survivla guide The Lensman Series Starship Troopers The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress I Stradd The Knight Of The Black Rose Dark Mirror Dreadnaught Prime Directive Rainbow Six Hunt For Red October In God We Trust All Other Pay Cash A Ferarri In The Bed Room A Wonderful Night With Wanda Hickey The Hobbit The Lord Of The Rings Series The Fall Of Reach First Strike Hitch Hikers Series Illuminate Good Omens and many more that I need to look in my library to find and list.