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27 year-old male from Oak Harbor, WA
Another RVB Fanboy with no girlfriend or life...

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Leaving!Well um people, I am gone, Red VS Blue has lost its luster and it bores me now. So I am gone, I will keep up my pics though and stop by when I can to check messages.
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Name Matt
Occupation Student (12th grade)
Birthday November 20th, 1987
Interests Anime games Flash MX comptuers paintball other boring and money wasteing activities!
Music Rock mostly anything a with a good beat and an eletrical gutiar! I also like some soft kind of orchistra music. I hate rap! I like only a few songs... Bands: Linkin Park System of the down Queen CCR Eminem any 80's rock band. fav. song: Bohemian Rapsody
Movies Matrix Resident Evil (2) Star Wars RVB (It's a movie right? Well in DVD form) Kill Bill 1&2 Pulp Fiction. FF7 Advent Children.
TV Shows South Park Family Guy Trigun Cow Boy Bebop Evangelion FLCL Full Metal Alchemist!
Books Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy