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And we'll all float on okayI never had the pleasure of meeting Monty. I have heard nothing but the nicest things about him since the get involved in RvB. He was a extremely talented guy and he and his work inspired and entertained a lot of people. I respect that a great deal.

It's always tragic when someone so young passes away so early. Most of you who know me I'm pretty much as far away from religion as you can get. That being said, if it comforts you or helps at this time more power too it.

I on the other hand, tend to find comfort in people. For as horrible, mean, ignorant, selfish and barbaric as the majority of the world is, it's still us. Deep down we are all the same. We're all just people. We're a family, and no where is that more obvious to me then this website. I have seen this community band together and do amazing things, and raising the money for Monty's hospital bills was just the latest instance of that. If you can donate to his family, please do so. Times are hard, trust me, I understand. So if you cannot, do what Matt asked. Do something creative. Be positive. Do something new, something that scared you, something you never would have before. Life's too short, no matter how much time you get. Make the most of it.

And most importantly, never take your friends and family for granted. enjoy every moment you have with them. From the quiet times of just watching a movie, to the wild crazy parties where you only remember half of it. treasure every moment you get.

I hope to see a bunch of you at WinTo this weekend.
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