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some say I'm just a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.Hey guys.

I'm a cranky old man on this site I've been here so long. one group I've been with since the old days (way back before I got bumped to admin) I was part of the comic book movie family mafia. we were our own little chunk of the site, and we help our own. I made some close friends in there, people I do consider family.

I'm still in the family, even if the thread isn't as fast as before and most of us have grown up and out.

One of those dudes is Erik. old friend of mine. I've known him since he was a bitter old man.

he's started his own business, which is inspired by the comic book movie family. he's been slowly building it for the last while, and I cannot stress how awesome an idea it is. he's building a company to sell comics, promote artists and get all these cool projects the family had made out their. we're all creative, and he wants to show that to the world.

he's got a kickstarter to help out this, as starting one of these up isn't cheap.


now, as someone who did start up a dream job, I wish him all the best. it's long hard road, and I hope his lives a whole lot longer then the underground. its a great idea, and good ideas like this should be built up.

if you've got an extra dollar, toss it his way. if you can't do that, share it and spread the link. the more people who hear about it the better it will be.

always support the small ideas. they grow to be great ones.
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