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23 year-old male from Austin, TX
Sports geek. I also make CH Predicts for the community channel.

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FinalCutMin Poutine
Life UpdateJust realized it has been a year since I did one of these.

A lot of stuff has happened in a year or so: RTX, NYCC, Chad and I coming up with the idea for CH Predicts, Hanging out with Aussie bros, getting mentioned on a RT Podcast episode, etc. The common thread of these "life events" is the awesome community of people that frequently visit this very website, whether it is people that I have know for a while or people I have connected with in the last 12 months on both the site and XBL. The people of this community have helped me through good and bad the last 8 years and I have never given the proper amount of thanks for those involved (they know who they are ).

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