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24 year-old male from Austin, TX
Sports geek. I also make CH Predicts for the community channel.

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Life UpdateJust realized it has been a year since I did one of these.

A lot of stuff has happened in a year or so: RTX, NYCC, Chad and I coming up with the idea for CH Predicts, Hanging out with Aussie bros, getting mentioned on a RT Podcast episode, etc. The common thread of these "life events" is the awesome community of people that frequently visit this very website, whether it is people that I have know for a while or people I have connected with in the last 12 months on both the site and XBL. The people of this community have helped me through good and bad the last 8 years and I have never given the proper amount of thanks for those involved (they know who they are ).

What is in store for the next few months? CH Predicts has blossomed from an idea that Chad and I threw around to something I look forward to making each week. I hope to get a few more folks involved (big thanks for Caleb for approving the videos within minutes and starring in quite a few episodes) once we start branching out to more sports in the coming weeks. I'll be doing the convention swing again this year, with the big centerpiece being RTX in July. I look forward to hanging out with the Community Hunter folks (among others) and kicking back a few beers in the process . Finally I have been lucky to avoid a lot of life drama over the last few years and I am hopeful that I will continue to have a kick-ass family and great friends.

Final out.
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