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22 year-old male from ...america.

So it seems ive fell upon my newest passion and/or obsession... Obviously being techno and rave :D

...but dont worry... i no do drugs... hahaha

From: Teh Americaz! ^.^

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I posted this...From a phone. Yay technology!
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Name Funkmaster D Fresh
Occupation Raver under Construction :D
Birthday April 29th, 1993
Interests critically thinking pondering video games (of course) perhaps writing AND MOTHERFLIPPIN TECHNOEZ!!! haha
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Music Mainly techno and Hardcore more specifically DJ Splash DJ Magoo DJ Mangoo Angerfist Hardstyle Mafia Headhunterz Basshunter The Real McCoy ATC Madonna Unmei RATM Fireflight Scooter DJ Dean DJ Avalon Krater Prodigy
Movies Snatch Zombieland Shaud of the Dead Hot Fuzz Fallen Taken Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 9 Saw (series) Nightmare Before Christmas
TV Shows Scrubs Futurama Robot Chicken uhh... i dont watch much tv...
Books Cell Divine Comedy other King Steven