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Movie day!Went over to a friend's house last night and amidst the fun, we rented a couple movies. After watching 'em both, we popped in another and promptly all passed out at various points in the movie. After 3 hours sleep, we woke up and chatted, but I needed more sleep (yeah, I'm a wimp). Went home, slept for 5 more hours and decided to start a movie marathon while I cleaned a little, did laundry, whatnot. Here's the movies, starting with the three from last night:

Love and Other Disasters - Actually enjoyed this one, just didn't care for the ending too much. Seemed like someone turned over two pages at once. 4/5

Scenes of a Sexual Nature - Only thing going for it was the odd event of seeing Ewan McGregor as a gay guy. 0.5/5

WayDownTown - .........................what....................the.....................smeg??? 2/5

Meet the Robinsons - Eh. 2/5

Santa Clause 3 - Please, God, kill this series! 0/5

Underdog - Can see what people like about it, no reviewability. 3/5

Blue Sauce - Another Ewan McGregor movie, very long and dry. Who'd have thought for a surfing movie, eh? 2/5

Various episodes of "Red Dwarf" - Tee hee hee. 5/5

The Day The Earth Stood Still (Old version) - Kinda enjoyed it, actually. Now semi-interested in seeing the remake. 3/5
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