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28 year-old male from Saint Paul, MN
"Not even in the face of armageddon. Never compromise."
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It's neededJust got back from Zach and Vicky's wedding in NYC. I miss the folks I got to see and the folks who couldn't make it. I miss all of you, actually.

It's been a while, yes? How have you all been? I've been really busy, but overall great. I got a new position at my company at the end of last year. I started running and worked by way into the racing scene and dropped 50 pounds in the process. I've spent a lot of time saving up money to buy new clothes because suddenly nothing fits anymore. I'm looking forward to football season.

I met someone special a few months back and she accompanied me to New York for the wedding recently. She had a good time and got along very well with everyone. I'm glad.

Anyways I miss your faces but I need to head to bed. Night folks.
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