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Female from VanCity, Canada, eh?
If you want to be my friend, please consider sending me a message first.
I have no need for people who "friend" me then never talk to me on the site.

Might sound harsh, but that's how I am.
Sorry and thanks for understanding.
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fluffnight used money
Starting to Feel Like a DickNow that I'm slightly more active on the site, I'm starting to get more friend requests.
Perhaps it's just me, but I'm realizing I'm feeling like a dick because every random friend request I get, I message that person right away and ask them why they friended me.

Personally, I feel like becoming friends with people when I've talked to them first. Sure, I've creeped a number of profiles on the RT site, but usually I'll message someone first, talk to them a bit and then either they send or I send them a friend request. That, or I've met them at RT-related, in person events.

Basically, I don't understand friending someone and not sending them a message first or after. I mean, I'm a nice person, but I don't understand being friends with someone on a social media (or any) site then just never saying "hi" or talking to them.

Does this make me a dick?

Edit: It happened again. AFTER this journal. The least they could do was not make it so obvious they were just going through a list of people and hitting "send friend request" without even checking out their profile or most recent journal entry. What's the point of being friends then not even trying to get to know them (with the most basic way of knowing them is to go through recent things they've done and check out their profile).
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