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Extra Life: Another Fundraising Adventure...FOR KIDS!!!So I'm doing another fundraiser!
Right now, literally RIGHT NOW, I am in the middle of gaming for an extended amount of time for Extra Life!! All the money I raise goes towards BC Children's Hospital!!

I have been exhausted from work all week, so instead of 24hrs of gaming, I will be doing it in parts. Hopefully 8-10 today, then another 10-14 in the future. I haven't set up streaming, but I have recorded it and will send out videos.

In any case, please donate or share with friends and family. Donations are accepted until December!


This year it especially hits close to home as I know someone in my Girl Guide area, another leader, who has two of three kids who are currently regulars at BC Children's Hospital. Her son has had a heart transplant already, but is now diagnosed with lymphoma while her oldest daughter was diagnosed last year with a hole in her heart and his on the waitlist for heart surgery. (They bring in the youngest child for testing regularly, too, just in case.)

I have spent a year being the oldest daughter's Guiding Leader (like Scouts, but for just girls) and know the mother very well from 3 years of leading girls with her in the same district.
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